Qualification and Eligibility

Brown-Daub Charities Mission

The Brown-Daub dealerships believe in helping the community by developing partnerships with Lehigh Valley organizations who have the goal of bettering the lives of Lehigh Valley residents.


Brown-Daub will award financial grants to Lehigh Valley non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organizations who have successfully exemplified that their function increases the quality of life for Lehigh Valley residents. Funding requests for the following items will not be considered: building construction, endowments, employee salaries, political campaigns, religious programs, individual platforms, or fraternal organizations.


Applications must be completed in their entirety in order to be considered. Supporting materials must accompany applications when requested or the application will be deemed incomplete and will not be considered. Application may be submitted online here. There is no need to resubmit an application if it is not selected in the month it was submitted. Applications remain on file and are considered each time the Grant Committee meets.

Follow-up Requirement

Within one year of receiving funds from the Brown-Daub dealerships, the organization must submit a one page detailed summary of how Brown-Daub’s contribution positively benefitted the residents of the Lehigh Valley. Specifically, examples relating to the program or project outlined in the application should be documented. After a 12 month period, the organization may reapply.


The award of funds by the Brown-Daub dealerships is done by its sole discretion. Items considered when awarding a grant are the available funds, the number of applications received, and the goals and operations of the organization applying. A committee will meet to discuss the applications received and will award one grant each month. Applicants will be given reasonable notice of receipt of a grant award and agree to have a representative present for media coverage of the grant award presentation. Additionally, recipients agree to appear in Brown-Daub press releases about the grant award.

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